The Pittsburgh Chapter is not requiring masks or vaccination to attend the GLRC. However, we want all of our attendees to feel comfortable and safe while navigating a new city and the ever changing COVID climate.

We urge all of the attendees to proceed with the policies that are listed below at each location throughout the conference.

Hotel Monaco:
If you are fully vaccinated, you can enjoy the hotel mask-free. If not, you are encouraged to wear a mask. 

Oakmont Country Club:
No Masks needed at OCC

The Pittsburgh Field Club:
Anyone that isn’t fully vaccinated should wear a mask except when sitting and actively eating.

The Duquesne Club:
Request guests to wear a face mask when moving about the Club in common areas.

Should you have any questions during the conference, please feel free to contact any of the committee members from the information listed below.

Hannah Street:

Jeanne Davis, CCM & Managing Director:

Ryan Prosowski, CCM:

Paul Korbar:

Lauren Zola:

Carl Gurtner, CCM:

Special thanks to Dustin McGrew Photography for permissions & use of photos.